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Through research and consultation with local nutritional experts, Judea Hope has formulated a dehydrated rice, vegetables and legume-based meal that provides all the macronutrient needs for a child and even an adult. To enhance the nutritional potency of the meal further a vitamin and mineral sachet was specifically formulated for the meal pack and is included in the packaging. This is added after the meal has been cooked.  There are too many testimonies to note in this document but feedback ranges from decreased illnesses amongst the children to improve the general health of people living with HIV.  Sadly due to the overwhelming need, we are currently only managing 3 meals per week at some of the 1000 daycare centres after distributing a million of these meals in 2015.

Unique Participatory Approach

We opted to invite companies to not only contribute financially but to invite their staff to become involved as volunteer meal packers.  This is done through a fun and engaging assembly line process where staff members pack the meals that their company has donated.


More than a Million Meals

Judea Hope in partnership with My foundation is planning to pack more than a Million Meals packing events, across South Africa for 2016.  The meals are packed by volunteers from the corporate, churches, and schools that donate R30 000.00 for 70 boxes and 20 000 meals in three hours. The meals are easy to transport, store and distribute to those in greatest need.