A Hope Centre is a place of safety for orphans, preschool kids, and also an aftercare facility for the community. It is a place where the children go to learn, are assisted with homework, and given fresh meals; especially those who do not have meals at home. Additionally, it provides permanent shelter for those facilities which are under trees, dilapidated wooden structures, shacks, and also for those centres in worn-out structures which include tents.

It takes 10 days to build a Hope Centre. It is made of steel structure, prefabricated walls which has a 90-year lifespan and is weather resistant.

Each Hope Centre comes with 4 bathrooms, 4 classrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 office, and 1 reception area. Each Hope Centre can house 70-80 children.


We have created a teaching curriculum that is based on the play and learn technique. It is most relevant in the environment that our current and future ECD centres are strategically planted and placed in. The curriculum covers all the basic aspects of a school preparation programme that will prepare our children to enter into grade R.

The curriculum is taught in an affordable course designed to educate adults into becoming ECD Teachers. This training endeavors to ensure a new generation of leaders, committed to Christ and a peaceful and safe country. Our dream is to elevate, uplift and empower the caregivers and ECD teachers in our network of crèches, therefore transforming our children for Jesus Christ. 


Part of Judea Hope’s vision, along with training teachers and educating children, is the widely spread and very successful vegetable tunnels.
We have currently two training centres where we have six tunnels each. These tunnels do not only provide home-grown vegetables, they also provide learning opportunities as well as the necessary vitamins needed for a growing child.


Judea Hope has formulated a dehydrated rice, vegetable (barley, split pea and lentil mix) and legume-based meal with a vitamin and mineral supplement added that provides all the macronutrient needs for a child and even an adult and provides the daycare centres with food packs. A box is enough to feed 1 pre-school for an entire year.

Each box contains 300 meals. We supply one Preschool/Hope Centre with an average of 5 boxes. The amount of boxes we supply is dependant on how many children the Preschool/Hope Centres have with them. This can range from 20 children to 100+ children.