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2016 Jaarverslag vir GROOTfm 90.5 se Gemeenskapsprojekte

Blaai na bladsy 17 om te lees oor GROOTfm 90.5 betrokkenheid by ons More Than A Million Meals Packing Events. Lees die verslag HIER. Besoek GROOTfm se webstuiste hier en lees meer oor ons packing events hier.

Spirited & Energetic Packing Event at NWU Vaal

On the 17th of September, we had an incredibly successful packing event at the NWU Vaal Campus in Vanderbijlpark. It was the most energetic and enthusiastic group we’ve ever had for an event and as a result, they packed the 100 000 meals in record time.  These meals will help to alleviate hunger in underprivileged communities

New Video: Judea Hope Food Donations (Aug 2016)

Last week Judea Hope gave away food, sweets and cleaning products to our members who serve communities in need. The food and products, supplied by our partners, is stored at the Judea Harvest Three Trees facility in Pretoria where member pastors or their representatives come to collect on specific days, after being notified. We would

More Than A Million Meals

Packing Event Judea Hope, in partnership with My foundation, is planning to pack More Than A Million Meals at packing events across South Africa in 2016.  The meals are packed by volunteers from the corporate, churches, and schools that donate R30 000.00 for 70 boxes and 20 000 meals in three hours. The meals are easy

Million Meals Project

Judea Hope (www.judeahope.org) is planning a record breaking One Million Meal Packing event for 5 and 6 June 2015. The meals are packed by volunteers, from the corporates, churches and schools that donate R 25 000.00 for 50 boxes and 16 000 meals. Through a fun and engaging assembly line process, a team of 40

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